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  • Glitch Free Windows Audio

    As many Hauptwerk and other VPO users, including me, can attest, Windows can be an affordable and stable platform for sound and music applications. But unlike pricier hardware from Apple, Windows may need some tweaking to perform optimally. This guide from Cantabile Software covers the basics.
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    Good read, and well worth thinking about doing the tweaks. Many moons ago, I wrote a rather similar, long and detailed article for a music magazine, detailing all the things you should do to make Windows 98 run better for music creation. I (sensibly) missed out Windows 'Me' and rewrote it for XP when it was launched.

    Then I built a new PC and installed a couple of new audio cards to go with it. XP was installed and not optimised as per my instructions but left 'as is'. ASIO drivers were set up for both cards, with buffer sizes giving around 10ms latency. I've just looked up the date for the build and set-up - 22nd October 2008! I've still got that XP install via a dual boot system and still use it for all sorts of music production. The install has been totally stable, not once has it glitched, dropped out or given a second's bother, and it's had tons of music software installed and reviewed on it, including the first versions of Hauptwerk and Miditzer, along with Cubase, Finale, Sibelius and Sonar to mention just a few apps. Just lucky, or a result of getting good quality hardware to start with and making sure that everything is up to date.

    I've specified and built some music PCs since then and never bothered to optimise them either! So while the tweaks in 'Glitch Free' are very sensible, especially if your software is very demanding, and they are no doubt much more up to date that those that I was recommending back then, I'd suggest that there is a case for at least trying things 'out of the box' first and then seeing just how much you need to adjust.
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      Agreed. My current Hauptwerk set up is using Windows 10 out of the box without any tweaks. It seems to plow through those disk intensive chores, such as file indexing and virus scans, without glitching the audio. Because of that, you have to conclude that the choice of hardware, and more importantly their drivers, is a major factor. Unfortunately, Windows users lack the advantage of Mac users in not having the hardware specifically tailored to the operating system.