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DSP project for imitating old string machines and organs

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  • DSP project for imitating old string machines and organs

    Hi Guys.

    I'm working on a DSP project on my spare time with the intent to sound like some old string machines and organs. I've spent some time reading up on the details and even looked around in datasheets. In fact I even found some samples that I had in my archives from a real Solina String Ensemble which I used to transfer data to the device. Nowadays dry samples of these organs are incredibly hard to find for some reason.

    Click image for larger version

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    The device I'm working on is the BlackAddr Audio GTA Pro device that is an audio interface for the Teensy 3.6 microcontroller.

    What do you think of the realism of these imitations? I've tried to imitate the Solina String Ensemble, Freeman String Symphonizer, Farfisa Compact and the Vox Continental.

    Apart from being able to play sounds from the MIDI input it can also process on the analog input as a guitar effect pedal where the input can be mixed with its own sounds. I'm fascinated with old organs and string machines in particular as well as their fascinating history. I recently fell in love with the sound of the Freeman String Symphonizer invented by the string machine pioneer Ken Freeman. Although this project is pseudo sample based I use two detuned sawtooth waves and then vibrato on top of that. In fact each sample only represents one period of the sound and then I employ waveshaping except for the ideal sawtooth. A Schroeder reverberator is used in the post processing. All this uses pretty much all the processor power and the CPU load is near 100% at most times. Polyphony limited to 11 voices only. Sustain on notes eat up plenty of CPU power.

    Hope you find this project intresting.