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Orla GT5000/Paramount310=Hauptwerk(free)

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  • Orla GT5000/Paramount310=Hauptwerk(free)

    Currently using Miditzer and jorgan/Christie on my Orla....After many tries finally downloaded Paramount/Hauptwerk and playing ok with mouse......need help to connect to Orla ? program recognising Viewcon and speakers....think I need settings for allocating channels for manuals /pedals .........Thanks for any advice....Mardy (try to keep it simple )

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    Use Hauptwerk to automatically select the channels. I haven't got HW on this computer but when using auto-recognition, Hauptwerk asks you to play the top and bottom notes of each manual and pedals. It's all in the manual (if you'll excuse the pun).

    If you go for manual (pun again!) settings, try setting the organ (reading the Orla's manual) to channel 1 for upper, 2 for lower and 3 for pedals. If you can split the lower manual, then the part above the split should be channel 4. IIRC I set the expression pedal so it was also on channel 1. If Miditzer was OK, you've possibly done that anyway.

    I have no idea what Viewcon is. But Hauptwerk's audio should go through you normal speaker system, same as Miditzer.
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      Thanks Andy......bit of a "punny" reply but there appears to be no manual with free version...used auto-recog.......but that doesn't appear to allocate channels....a couple hours paddling this morning I finally found where to do this and bingo...Have solo/main temp on 1...accomp. on 2.....pedals 3.....(will try solo on lower split manual to 4, later)....Thanks again, Mardy.


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        Hi everyone (new here!)

        Very interesting... I was planning to experiment with similar to what Mardy is doing.

        Andyg, did those Orla GT units transmit expression pedal data like you said in your post? Just curious as, according to the manual at least, the Compact Theatre doesn't transmit this info... Rather it seems just like a remote volume control for the amplifier. Am I right?

        Good job on getting it all working Mardy! :)


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          The Hauptwerk download is actually the same for all the versions. Features are available based on the license that is on a USB dongle with no dongle present being the free edition. Likewise the Hauptwerk manual is a single 231 page PDF file which is available on the Downloads page. There's a link to