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Installing Sample Sets

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  • Installing Sample Sets

    I am wondering about installing sample sets in Hauptwerk as I have downloaded a couple and would like to try them out, but can't for the life of me figure out how to install them. Once the downloaded file has been uncompressed I am left with a folder with the name of the orgon. At the root level of this folder I have a two folders. One is OrganDefinitions with an xml file inside, and the other is OrganInstallationPackages which contain folders of the stops, then in those folders, samples of notes.

    The question of the day is how do I go about installing or loading this in Hauptwewrk?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Do not uncompress the install file(s) yourself. Run Hauptwork and click on File->Install Organ or Temperment. Just select the *.rar file and HW will unpack the file as part of the install process. Enjoy!


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      Your first problem is that you shouldn't have uncompressed the files. The Hauptwerk component installer does that.

      From the File menu select Install organ or temperament... and choose the component file you wish to install. This will end in .rar. Once the organ is installed you can load it from the Organ menu.

      See page 170 of the Hauptwerk User's Guide.

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        Thanks! I am having fun! Now that I know I can do this it looks like going beyond the 'free version' is something I will consider. I tried out a few organs in the basic and advanced versions with the chime not and enjoyed knowing if you purchase, you do have access to other organs without that chime. On a side note I train dogs and usually when I am doing organ stuff they are surprisingly quite, but everytime the triangle made it's noise when I evaluated other organs in the basic and advanced versions of Hauptwerk my Rottweilers went nuts and had to but them in the kennel outdoors. I wonder if there is something in that chime that we can hear and they can't lol!