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temperaments for Hauptwerk

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  • temperaments for Hauptwerk

    I don't currently have a virtual organ, just a yamaha digital piano for home practice (in between getting to my church for lessons and practice.) I've been playing around with the free edition of Hauptwerk using my piano to drive one of the keyboards of the virtual (or on my wilder days splitting left/right to drive two) and daydreaming of somehow fitting an ago pedalboard into my living room. I suspect I'll be thinking a lot harder about this sitting in a cold church in February.

    Meanwhile, I've been reading a lot about temperament lately, and would like to experiment. I don't have the high-end Yamaha model that has this feature built-in, but I realized I could do it through Hauptwerk, but it is confusing.

    Will the free edition load temperament files, or do I need to buy the basic edition (which would be overkill since I really can't use the software to advantage without a lot more hardware than I currently own)

    I found a few on the Hauptwerk site, but I don't see the quarter-comma meantone temperament I'm most interested in ( because I'm anticipating an opportunity to try out an organ with this tuning next year) Do I need to find software for my Mac and enter all the information myself to create the file?

    thanks for your patience with my rambling :)
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    You could try GrandOrgue. It's free and works on Windows, Linux and Mac. There are many nice free sample sets available. It has many temperaments built in, including 15 1/4 comma variants. Also, it's easy to add new temperaments.

    Download GrandOrgue for free. Virtual Pipe Organ Software . GrandOrgue is a sample based pipe organ simulator. When connected to MIDI keyboards and an audio system, it can accurately simulate the sound of a real pipe organ.


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      that does the job, thank you!