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    Progress! Still have to deal with the felts, but I have 2 working manuals as well as pedals. That means I can actually play the thing while I'm figuring everything else out :-D



      Very impressive, Lizny. It must be exciting to have reached this point.

      My home organ: Content M5800


        That's terrific news! Being able to play both manuals and pedal while you work on the rest of the project certainly makes it more enjoyable to take musical breaks when you need them.
        Larry is my name; Allen is an organ brand. Allen RMWTHEA.3 with RMI Electra-Piano; Allen 423-C+Gyro; Britson Opus OEM38; Saville Series IV Opus 209; Steinway AR Duo-Art, Mills Violano Virtuoso with MIDI; Hammond 9812H with roll player; Gulbransen Rialto; Roland E-200; Mason&Hamlin AR Ampico piano, Allen ADC-5300-D with MIDI.


          Perhaps I'm chiming in a bit late about those keying issues. My suggestion would be to wire two contacts for each manual note and pedal note, plus clean up the contacts and buss bars with Deoxit. That would save a lot of conversion work, if it hasn't been converted already. My MIDI converter (Classic Organ Works) runs on 12 volts. As an experiment, I tried lowering the keying voltage just to see how low the converter would go before it quit working. It knoked out at 7 volts, so my thoughts are wondering if OP's voltage is too low for good note response. Holler and correct me if I'm wrong here.


          • lizny
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            Yes, I'm using an arduino based scanner which runs on 5v. If I ran the keys at 12v I'd have to regulate all those wires down. I just ripped it all out and installed sensors. I was hoping to avoid that work but I'm glad now I did. I stripped the whole organ down to bare wood and have been cleaning everything before re-installing so it is all like spiffy new now.

          There is a slight incompatibility between the SAM units I have acquired and the stop tabs I reclaimed from the mechanical organ stops.

          Would you experienced folks recommend drilling new holes in the plastic, or possibly melting them? Or, cobble up some kind of adapter?

          hot glue is a possible resort if all else fails


          • jbird604
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            I'd drill new holes.