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Would a MIDI out only organ be tolerable?

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  • Would a MIDI out only organ be tolerable?

    Ive come upon a broken down Electone EL90, I ran diagnostics mode to figure out that everything works except the sound synthesis.
    Due to scarcity of replacements I'm tempted to use MIDI-out (wich works) with a MIDI sound module such as pianobox and hard wire it to the organ's amplifier wich works fine. The endd result would be similar to a piano keyboard connected to a synthesizer and to a pair of speakers.
    I'm not an organ player myseld so I'm not sure this would be a tolerable experience for a organ player, I'm not sure how nicely the pedals and all the nuiances of organ playing would translate to a midi box outputting organ sound on speakers.
    If, for example, you where happy to play only with pipe organ sounds, would this solution be up to the mark of a regular organ player?

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    That should work. Better than a dead organ for sure. The player may want to select a MIDI sound module that produces the type of sounds he or she wants. Some modules produce classical pipe organ sounds, some produce Hammond sounds, some theater or symphonic. But these are generally quite good and might actually sound better than the original sounds of that organ.
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      That's great! I've ordered a Raspberry Pi to start work on this.
      I'm going to try and make my own soundbanks using fluidsynth to have diferent sounds for the upper and lower keyboards.
      I'll keep posting with updates and explanations so I can hopefully give a helping hand to someone in the same situation.

      I'll defineylu look into some pleasing sounds, hammond organs are always nice! Sny suggestions for split soundbanks?