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How to use hauptwerk/midi on Viscount prestige 100 organ

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  • How to use hauptwerk/midi on Viscount prestige 100 organ

    Greetings all,
    Please I need advice and assistance on how to use hauptwerk on my Viscount prestige 100 organ via midi interface.
    what is the possibility and how do I go about it?
    wilton tonma harry - Nigeria
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    Have you looked through the dedicated section of the forum that deals with virtual organs? You'll probably find that many of your questions have already been asked and answered.

    Future questions should probably be asked in that section.
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    Your organ has Midi connectors, In, Out, Thru. You would need to install the Hauptwerk software on a computer. There are more details how to do that on the Hauptwerk website and Hauptwerk’s dedicated forum. You would then need to buy a midi interface of some kind for your computer, and install its driver on your system, as well as connect it. I have a Steinberg UR22, which has both MIDI connections, and outputs audio to headphones or external speakers, but there are less expensive solutions. Then, you connect a Midi cable from your console’s “Midi out” to your interface’s “Midi in.” Once the connection is working, you can start Hauptwerk.


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      If the midi interface is class compliant, which it probably will be, installing drivers won't be necessary.