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"Great Organ" VPO software

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  • "Great Organ" VPO software

    Great Organ is a difficult search string to use on this site.

    Bills itself as "The new standard in digital virtual pipe and electronic organ technology"

    Does anyone have any experience with this app? Among their offerings, they apparently have plug-ins for virtual B3 and A100:





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    I've tried this out - not great.

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      I have been testing their software and find it easy to use and the samples I have downloaded have been good quality. Right now, they are working on Mac and Unix versions as well as a couple of additional organs. In the past, they have been very responsive but lately, a bit slow to respond but that is understandable since the work is done mostly by volunteers and the three or four major projects they have underway. Their prices for software and instruments are reasonable. I have no interest in tone wheel clones so I can't comment on that part of your question. I believe you can download any of their products in test mode.


      • Philip Powell
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        Well, maybe I oughta give it another shot sometime...

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      Last year they released a major software update. To get best results with their products, you need a good sound card and 5.1 surround sound system (optical connection from sound card). You can probably use a 7.1 system but I only know about my 5.1 system. I also have a Hauptwerk installation V6. The quality of the sound is directly related to the audio processor you use. I like both Great Organ and Hauptwerk, however, one is less expensive than the other.