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Galanti Pedalboard as MIDI Controller via DB15 Port

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    Originally posted by gtc View Post

    Interesting to know that the Praeludium used magnets and reed switches on the pedals. Avoids the pesky rubber pushers on the SL (Stadium) series and others.
    The very early Praeludium organs used the shutter and reed switch setup, up to around 1989 or 1990 production. They then switched over to the silicone dome switches on the Praeludiums and kept the same setup through the Chronicler and SL series organs. Thus, it's possible to find a Praeludium pedalboard with either switching configuration depending on its age.

    The issue with the reed switch and shutter system was that it tended to be noisy, and the shutters were prone to sticking. We had several repairs on these as a result. The silicone dome switch version, of course, had its own issues.

    Tangentially, Galanti manual keyboards underwent a similar change, starting as open silver spring contacts pushed down by the keys that would perpendicularly contact a buss bar common. Some runs of these were problematic, with stuttering or dead notes unless you cycled the key a dozen or so times. This lasted until about 1994, when they switched to the same silicone dome switches there.


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      This is helpful knowledge - I’ll certainly keep my ears open for this issue. However as I’ll be playing with Sennheiser headphones I think I can manage for now. Much appreciated 👍🏼

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    Originally posted by michaelhoddy View Post
    Thus, it's possible to find a Praeludium pedalboard with either switching configuration depending on its age.
    Thanks for that info.

    About a year ago Viscount went reed and magnet:

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      Hi everyone, sorry for the lack of updates - I've been away on travels and am catching up on life. I have great news to share - the pedalboard works perfectly! The DB-15 breakout cable connected to MIDI-Hardware's PEDSCAN was a clean solution for MIDIfying the pedalboard. Using this install, I'm able to utilize the existing reed and magnet equipment but connect it via MIDI-USB interface. Hearing the first note (with contre bombarde 32' of course) during the first successful functional test was profoundly satisfying! I just wanted to share a quick arrangement I threw together that I thought would be fun to show my unconventional setup: the aforementioned pedalboard paired with a Yamaha Disklavier Mark IV as MIDI controller for manuals. It's a fun piece from a great video game score for Super Mario Galaxy, sorry to those offended! Hope you enjoy :)

      Click image for larger version

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        Cool solution, and thanks for the blast from the past with Super Mario Galaxy! My younger brothers used to play that game, and I'd watch them (never played it myself!). Nice work!

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