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Before you ask the value - please read this!

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  • Before you ask the value - please read this!

    Organ Forum is fortunate enough to have expert members around the world, with lots of knowledge and experience. However, they do need your help.

    1) Make and model number are crucial, of course! There's usually a maker's plate on the organ. Common positions are underneath the keyboards above the front speakercloth, and around the back on the back panel, often where the AC cord goes into the organ. A few organs have the plate inside, so you'll have to take the back panel off, or lift up the lid. Just occasionally, all you'll have is a piece of card stapled inside somewhere with a couple of numbers on.
    2) A photo is worth a thousand words if you're not sure of the model of organ. You can attach photos to posts by using the 'Upload Attachments' feature, or you can host them on an on-line photo site and place a link in your post.
    3) We need to know the condition of the organ, and that of course includes how well it's working, not just its cosmetic appearance. Are there any faults? Please be specific if you can.
    4) Is it all there? Does the organ have a bench and if the pedals are detachable, are they still with the organ? In the case of external tone cabinets or Leslie speakers, are the fitting kit, switches and cable included?
    5) As values are influenced to some extent by location, please tell us where you are.

    Andy G - Moderator
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