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Advice regarding the value of Viscount C.L.4 organ with signature

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  • Advice regarding the value of Viscount C.L.4 organ with signature

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    We would like to ask you for advice regarding the estimate of the avarage value in euro's of

    Viscount Electronic Organ
    S/N 127/2
    R.De Graaf ZWOLLF organ.

    Please find enclosed photos and details from our internet research in the attached documents.
    We have kept it in very good condition.
    We are currently fundraising for a new space for our center which is why we are in a need to sell the organ.

    With many kind regards,

    Jelena Gasic
    Treehouse Storytelling Centre

    Link to photographs of the organ and the signature plaque as well as the tag with model and serial number.

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    I'm not the best person here to give advice on value ... but I have occasionally played a Viscount CL40 which is very similar to model shown in your photographs.

    I think it might be heading on for 40 years old and therefore uses rather out-of-date electronics. It doesn't have any midi connections.
    It has some rather interesting tone balancing quirks and I find the pedalboard isn't in a normal/comfortable position.

    As I say, others may be able to give you a reliable estimate but I really don't think you'll get very much for it. I think it's probably an 'any offer provided the purchaser organises their own removal'.

    Sorry this isn't very positive for your fundraising.


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      It is 40+ years old. The true market value is zero, I'm sorry to say. If you can get a few Euros for it, great, but my local church had one (I played it for a wedding or two) and they could not give it away. It was dumped.

      However, as you've asked for a price in Euros, I guess you're on the other side of the Channel from me and those 22 miles of water can make a difference. In Continental Europe, prices can sometime be higher.

      Try asking 100 euros, but be prepared to go lower or get nothing. Sad, but that's how the market is.
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