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  • Organ price

    What is my Technics model #SX-EN4 worth? We would like to sell it and my husband wants to buy a piano. Any help would be great. You can email me, or I could send you my cell phone number and you can text me. Thanks for any advice you can give me. I’ve seen them priced between $200.00-$650.00. It’s in excellent condition, but I don’t know how old it is. It also has the bench and cover with it.

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    I don't know where you're located, but market value for low-end e-organs like the EN4 is pretty much zilch. I just found one in my area (SE Wisconsin) which I purchased for $100, although I could have gotten it for half that (or even free) with a little negotiation which I chose not to do. Strangely, although there is minimal market for these things, there's also very little availability without incurring substantial shipping costs - so pretty much limited to local pickup. Good luck (if you haven't already unloaded it).


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      The EN4's true market value is zero, but you should be able to get a few $ for it. Sellers 'price' organs at ridiculous prices, but they don't sell them for what they initially ask.

      I'd try $50 to $100, but you may have to go lower. Plenty of organs available plus minimal demand means it's a buyers market. Bigger and better organs have been given away for free or sold for pennies.

      Best of luck with the sale - if you still have it!
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