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Lowrey TLO-K #986085 patent 3,316, 341

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  • Lowrey TLO-K #986085 patent 3,316, 341

    What is this worth in perfect condition?

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    It's old, 1970-ish, and therefore will need some attention, even if it appears to be perfect. Add that to the fact that there's little demand for oldies, the value will be very low. But it is a good organ and one of the more respected oldies, so it's not the zero value that most of them will have. You haven't, as requested above, given a location and that has a bearing on the price. If you're in a city, local transport won't be a problem. If you're out 'in the sticks' as we say over here, no-one will want to pay shipping on this one so your local market will be limited.

    Of course, if you're in Scandinavia, Brazil or one of the 'organ-starved' countries, it will have a higher value. Elsewhere in the world, that 'very low' value applies.
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