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Lowery Majesty, Lowery century, Hammond t-5

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  • Lowery Majesty, Lowery century, Hammond t-5

    I am trying to find out the price for 3 home organs that my friend wants me to help him sell from an estate he inherited. All of them were very well cared for and in working order. He has a Lowery Majesty, Lowery Century, and a hammond t-546c. Thank you all for your time! P.S.- All locate in NE Ohio.

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    The home organ market is, I'm afraid, not good for sellers these days. There are lots of organs out there and few takers, so it's very much a buyer's market and they tend to know the score.

    Hammond T500 - almost zero value, sadly. You might be lucky and get $50-100 for it. Nice organ, but not the most desirable Hammond and that keeps its value down.

    Both Lowreys are almost 20 years old, with no real support from Lowrey and probably no spares available, so people are unwilling to spend much as they're taking a chance. If a major part fails, the organ probably becomes a boat anchor.

    Looking around, I've seen asking prices on ebay for the Majesty of around $1000, but that doesn't mean that they'll sell for that. The Century is a smaller model, so almost certainly worth less.

    You could try the Majesty at $1500 and the Century at $1000 and see what happens, but I think you'll eventually have to come down. Local advertising and ebay are the best places to sell - long distance shipping would probably be prohibitively expensive.
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