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Yamaha Electone B-10 with Rotary (1969)

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  • Yamaha Electone B-10 with Rotary (1969)

    I just picked up a Yamaha Electone model B-10, circa 1969, for $25, and I was pleasantly surprised to find a rotating speaker in it. Needs a belt replacement, but the motor, speaker, and control switches seem to work fine.

    Thing is, I can't find diddly squat on this model anywhere. Looks like manuals are available on eBay, but that's all I'm seeing. I can't even find a photo or a mention of the B-10 with the rotary controls like mine has. I'm seeing just one photo and it's a very similar model, but with no rotator.

    The thing sounds great. It has a gigantic football shaped speaker in the front, very loud, and variable voice controls that look like 2-way selectors at first, but actually mimic drawbars. It's super easy to lift too, not nearly as weighty as my Hammond and Wurlitzer spinets. I'm impressed with it. Then again, I'll take pretty much any lightweight keyboard from the late 60s for $25.

    Anybody know anything about this model? So strange how little info I can find about it. The Electone Museum database just has "unknown" for every info field.

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    hi applescruff - did you find any info on the B-10? I also have one and am keen to get hold of a service manual and schematics of the amp as I'd like to get some other audio into and out of the unit. Like you, my searches are turning up blanks...


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      Hey! I just picked up an Electone B-10 from a thrift store and I can't find anything either, barr a few service manuals for sale on ebay.

      The organ will not turn on at all and as far as I can tell none of the fuses are blown. This thing is beautiful though and I'd love to bring it back to a working condition.