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Baldwin Cinema II

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  • Baldwin Cinema II

    I have recently acquired a Baldwin Cinema II in seemingly lovely condition, along with a seperate plug in glockenspiel. It was being used by a private music teacher, and I’m told it’s working beautifully. I am not at all familiar with organs, and am looking for advice on the best method of sale. Also, any rough indication of value in AUD would be very much appreciated.

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    Moved to the correct section of the forum for you Emily.

    Oz is a strange market. Distances mean that local advertising is really the way to go - nobody likes high shipping costs! Ebay as well, of course.

    Value? The Cinema II is a well-respected organ with some nice sounds but it's hard to give an exact value. If it really is working beautifully, that's a bonus, but its age means that there are probably a few niggles somewhere, even if they're not obvious from the outside. If there are any major issues it really means the organ is worth just the value of the console (which someone might gut and use for a 'virtual organ'). Not sure how many virtual organ players there are in your location. If it is all OK, then the value is still very low, a few hundred dollars maximum, but be prepared to let it go for less. There is just no demand for older organs and there are plenty out there for sale.

    That extra Glock is interesting. That will have a value all of its own.

    What we need is a location, and some photos of the organ and the Glock unit.
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      I can buy this organ for $150or wait for a Rodgers. no matter which organ I will have about $1000in moving cost.


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        Unfortunately, I am not sure if this organ is available. Emily's last logon was a week after she posted above. As AndyG says, the Baldwin Cinema II could make a good organ for you, but I wonder if a Rodgers may not be better for you.

        Recently, I was checking *raigsList, and found a free Rodgers Trio available near you. It probably is no longer available, but they do come up from time to time.

        Best of luck with your search.

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