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1950 something Gulbransen organ

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  • 1950 something Gulbransen organ

    I have this organ in my house and have no use for it but I have no idea if its origins. I’m in CO and the serial number is GUL/CBSASSY.413073 which is sometime in the 50s. Help?

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    A model number would be handy, failing that, a photo. Either would let us ID it and tell you a little about it. If you can't attach a photo, then email one to me via my own website shown below and I'll add it for you.

    However, the chances are that the value is zero. If it's from the 1950s, it's just too old, there's just no market for these real oldies, unlike classic cars, for example. There are one or two Gulbransens from the 1960s that do have a value, the Rialto K being the main one. But even that's not a huge value. If it's a small model, then I can fairly confidently say that no-one will want it, or they'll want it free.
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