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Lowery model 525

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  • Lowery model 525

    Hello all I'm posting today for information on a lowery model 525 I've recently aquired from my grandparents house who wanted it gone. I know nothing about it except I think it used to belong to my great grandmother. It also comes with around 90 or so musical scrolls. Most of them say QRS on the side. Any information you can give me about this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your time!

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    Lowrey never made a '525', they used letters or letters plus numbers, alongside a model name. I suspect that what you have is an M525 'Jubilee'. But then you mention your great grandmother and that would suggest something much older! Two ways to check.

    1) carefully look at the maker's plate (it will probably be underneath the keyboards, just above the speaker cloth, so you'll have to crouch or lie down and look up!) and see if you can positively ID it.

    2) take a photo of the organ, email it to me at via my website shown below. I'll add it to the thread for you and ID the organ.

    But unless it's something very rare and a 'classic' Lowrey model, the value will be sadly zero. If it's an M525, that's definitely the case.

    You can try advertising locally (no-one ships organs long distance these days) for a few $ and see what happens, but first we need to know just what you've got.
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      M525 Jubilee is what it is. Thank you for the information. Could you possibly tell me what year that would be? I'll send a pic soon.

      Photos added. Confirmed M 525 Jubilee, the year would be 1978. Andy - Moderator
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