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  • t582 A

    how much is it worth? I have serial #

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    Hi, Turfdawg - I have a T582C that I picked up at a Good Will in Athens, GA, for $50. The organ was priced at $75, but the cashier took one look at me and said, "Oh, you're a senior citizen!" and took off $25. (One of the advantages of getting older.) These T series were the last Hammonds with the spinning tonewheel, but they're otherwise a solid-state organ. They don't sound much like the traditional Hammonds, but they do have a distinctive sound. These organs are also likely to need some repairs and component-level replacements, so one is worth whatever one can get for it. I do suggest that that $50 to $75, up to $150 for one that plays great and everything works, is appropriate. Here's mine from when I bought it.

    Click image for larger version

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    The "C" stands for "cassette" (lower right) and the switches at the top are the rhythm box. STATIC is a bugaboo on these old solid state organs. The forum can certainly help you repair and/or modify one.
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      You haven't given location or condition - both essential for a good valuation. 100% OK and in good cosmetic condition - you might get that $75. If there are any faults, it has basically zero value. I could not give my T400 away, I had to part it out and recycle the remainder.

      If you're in an city area that has lots of organs out there for sale, or if you're right out 'in the sticks' as we say over here, then take another $25 off that $50 and be prepared to go lower. Such is the awful state of the market. The T gets some stick from the Hammond purists, but it deserves better. Un-modded, it has a distinctive sound that the 'home player' will probably like more than the grittier sound of the older models. One day, it will get the recognition it deserves. Until then, values are on the floor.
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