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hammond model 132149 ??

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  • hammond model 132149 ??

    A friend of mine has a Hammond model 132149 with a badge that says "Animation By Leslie".
    She is having to move across country and is needing to sell it , does anyone have a clue about what to ask for it?Click image for larger version

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    1979 Aurora Classic, probably.

    In Canada, they can go for $200-400.

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      Moved to the correct section of the forum for you.

      This is indeed an Aurora Classic from 1979/1980, but in a more elaborate cabinet than usual. Location and condition are the important factors. In the UK, they sometimes go for zero, sometimes for a few hundred £. There's a much later and larger model on sale near me for £100, for example. If there are any issues, that zero figure looms large. In the USA, there are more of them around, so values may well be lower. In good condition, maybe $100-200 but it will vary depending on supply and demand (precious little of the latter).
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