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Hammond Organ Model 11222 - trying to sell

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  • Hammond Organ Model 11222 - trying to sell

    Hi everyone, I have just joined this forum to find help with the following...if possible. My parents in law have a rather large Hammond Organ model no 11222. They also have the matching bench seat and a Rhythm Ace which is separate but looks as if it belongs to the Organ somehow? They are moving house in the next few months and will no longer have the room for it, therefore they wish to try and sell it. Does anyone have any idea of the year this model was made and a rough estimate of its value? The Organ works, however we can't be sure every switch etc works as none of us really know how to work it or what each switch does. Does anyone also know where the best place would be to try and sell it?
    Many many thanks in advance.

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    The value of the organ may depend upon where you're located, so we need your location.

    You can place a free ad in the Forum Classifieds. Ads are not permitted here, in the discussion area of the Forum. Interested parties should communicate via private messages.

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      This is a Hammond 'Grandee', from around 1976. The Rhythm Ace would be an earlier product, from the late 1960s. I would guess that your parents in law may have had that unit with a previous organ, as the two don't really go together.

      Value does indeed depend on condition and location, so be sure to give this in any ads. It's a console organ and these tend to hold some value. However, I've seen two Grandees given away for free in the last few days, one in the UK and one in the USA so it's not going to be worth a fortune. Condition is important. Turning on and making a sound is not enough. Buyers will want to know if every key, switch and feature works fully. If there are issues, that will probably zero the value.

      Ironically, the Rhythm Ace, depending on the model and condition, may be worth something. There are lots of people out there who like the classic early rhythm units and some can command good prices. Photos and details of this one would let us advise you better.

      Advertise the organ locally only, as buyers won't travel far to get the organ. Try our classifieds section here as well. The Rhythm Ace could do better on Ebay.
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