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Allen Organ 203-C

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  • Allen Organ 203-C

    RE: Allen Organ 203-C 1978 Digital 32 2 (MOS-1)

    Hi everyone,

    What is this model worth? Everything works except for the combination action (settings do not hold). Cancel piston works though.
    External speakers are available but I can't use them in my small home space. Also, is this model Hauptwerk friendly?

    Thanks for your help!


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    Worth? Not much. console worth more than the organ.
    Problems lower the value even more
    HAUPTWERK friendly ? Not from the factory, as it is pre MIDI. Can be MIDI-fied. Likely not worth MIDI-fying if you want to keep the Allen playable.



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      Thanks for your response. Helpful. Church is asking $1,000.00. I’m thinking $200 to $300.


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        Paul, I think you are in the right price range, not the church. They are good organs for home practice though. MIDI is nice but not really needed if one just wants an organ that sounds decent for practicing on.

        Even for a small home external speakers are nice to have. It's not for the volume, but for better quality.

        The issue with the memory not holding settings is probably just dead / worn out NiCad batteries in the power supply for it.

        Let the church try to sell it for a while at their price, and check with them in a few weeks; they might take your offer then.
        Regards, Larry

        At Home : Yamaha Electones : EX-42 ( X 3 !!! ), E-5AR, FX-1 ( X 2 !! ), US-1, EL-25 ( Chopped ). Allen 601D, ADC 6000D. Lowrey CH32-1. At Churches I play for : Allen Q325 ( with Vista ), Allen L123 ( with Navigator ). Rodgers 755. 1919 Wangerin 2/7 pipe organ.