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Need quick help! How much is a Lowrey LX-2000 worth?

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  • Need quick help! How much is a Lowrey LX-2000 worth?

    This is my first post and I'm hoping I can get a quick answer. My 92 year old dad was sold a Lowrey LX-2000 organ in 2013 when he was 87 years old and now he is 92 and on hospice so we need to sell it. To be honest I'm pretty ticked at the place for selling an 87 year old man such an expensive and fancy organ when he was just a novice! They charged him $11,000. We would like to sell quickly so the only thoughts I have are to contact the place that sold it to see if they would buy back. First, am I off base in thinking they took advantage of an old guy?? I just feel that they could have sold him something much less expensive for his needs. I want to be nice when I call but I don't trust that they will offer me what it is worth. Can anyone give me a reasonable idea of what to expect to get for this organ? It has been played often but very lightly as he still is just a novice, and is in excellent condition. Thanks so much for your help!

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    Donna, it is almost a certainty that the store that sold it will not buy it back. I'll let others here tell you about the whole Lowrey and seniors issue. It is rather ugly I'm sad to say, but it is well known sales tactic for their dealers.

    I don't deal with Lowreys much, so I can't help with the current market for used ones.
    Regards, Larry

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      I am sorry to hear about your situation.

      it does appear that your dad substantially overpaid for that organ in 2013. Unless it can be proven that your dad lacked contractual capacity, was under duress (a gun pointed to his head), or the dealer made a material misrepresentation of fact, you are out of luck on any legal claim. Plus, five years have gone by since the Transaction, and the statute of limitations may have runK

      something is “worth” what someone else is willing to pay for it. These things go for $500 or less around here. If it is top condition and you find a Lowrey afficianado, you might get more. have some around here.