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How much is my Elka 30 worth?

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  • How much is my Elka 30 worth?

    Everything works and itÂ’s in good shape I just canÂ’t find any info on it anywhere, any information on Elka would be helpful and itÂ’s only my second organ
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    Not sure of the exact age but I would say late 70s early 80s give or take a year. Value is about the same as most organs from this period and thats whatever a buyer is willing to pay which is usually not very much as its a buyers market.
    Lots of old organs for sale and few if any buyers for most of them now, but value is only relevant if your wanting to sell.


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      It does depend on your location to some extent. But if it were fully working (and from your other posts we know that it's not) then somewhere between zero and very little. Non working, then zero. Unless you're living in one of the few places where old organs still have a value. Some continental European countries, perhaps, or Scandinavia, Turkey, Israel, South American countries to name most of them. That's just the sad state of the market, sorry.

      People usually fix these oldies up (allowing for the availability of spares) as a labour of love because they simply want to, or because the organ has some sentimental or family value. There's no money to be made in fixing them up, unless you have one the few 'classic' models, like a Lowrey DSO-1 'Heritage' from the 1960s.
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