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Wurlitzer Pricing- help

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  • Wurlitzer Pricing- help

    So first of all id like to apologise if I'm in the wrong forum or you get questions like this asked all the time but I'm kind stuck and need pushing in the right direction.

    I am friends with a lady who has recently become a window, among some of the things she needs to get rid of is an organ that her husband played meany years back. As we live in the country it has been very hard to find someone that could give her a rough idea of how much it is worth. I have looked around the internet and can’t really find any info.

    Its a Wurlitzer
    Model 630A/630TA
    Total tone
    Cream with gold detailing.

    its in excellent condition and works.

    Any help or a rough guide would be a great help.

    Thank you so much in advance.


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    Your location, the country at least, will help.

    But wherever you are, the bottom line will be that organ values are on the floor and you simply get whatever you can for them. I've seen this model given away in the UK, or sold for very little - sub £100 and we'd need to know the exact model number, 630A or 630TA. The larger 650TA model has a bit of a following and fetches a little more but its smaller sibling is not so sought after. The cream (should be 'white') with gold detailing is a minus point when it comes to selling, even though it was a more expensive option when new. It's not a desired look, it would seem.
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