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Hohner psk 75

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  • Hohner psk 75

    I’m here for a bit of friendly advice from people who know more than myself!

    I have this keyboard, Hohner PSK75, full working, some scratches as you’d expect for the age. Went to sell it on a Facebook sale page when someone said ‘it’s a vintage keyboard, it’s worth more’.

    Does anyone know about this brand and how much it would be worth?

    Thanks in advanced!

    ps i apologise for poor quality pics!

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    The PSK75 is actually not made by Hohner. It's a rather old (late 1980s) Casio keyboard wearing a Hohner badge. Value is zero, I'm afraid that your 'someone' doesn't know what they're talking about. A 'vintage' keyboard is something like a classic electric piano or synthesizer. Your only hope of getting any decent money is finding a buyer who thinks it's a vintage synth.

    You don't say where you are, but realistically, if you're in the USA, I'd say maybe $25. If you're in the UK, maybe £15. In Continental Europe, maybe a bit more, as for some reason European prices are higher than over here. E50 perhaps? But I've given away newer and better keyboards than your Hohner. Bottom line is you get what you can, find that elusive synth buyer if you can, but most buyers do know what's what.

    As you can't yet post photos here, I've added one so that people can see what we're talking about.
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      You can look at keyboards/organs in a similar way to furniture, just because furniture is old does not make it an antique, older keyboards/organs may be old/vintage but they need to be a classic and desirable make/model to have any real value just like furniture.

      The 70s and early 80s analogue synths are worth a small fortune now they are vintage classics, but most other older keyboards are just old keyboards.

      No harm in trying to convince someone its a vintage classic, maybe offer it to the person who said its a vintage classic for just £50.