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Yamaha Electone B75N

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  • Yamaha Electone B75N

    My mother in law passed away recently and she had a B175N that she used to play regularly. I know nothing about organs , can anyone give me an idea of what it’s worth and how best to sell it?
    As far as I know it’s in perfect condition. Thank you .

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    Moved to the correct section for you.

    I'm afraid that it's worth almost zero, or definitely zero. If it is in perfect condition (and that means that everything works fully, not just that it looks OK), then maybe a few pounds/dollars, depending on where you are in the world. If there are any faults, it has no value whatsoever and I'm afraid it's landfill time. It would not be worth repairing, even if you could find the parts.

    Assuming that it's OK, ask £25 in the UK and advertise locally and/or on Ebay. But be prepared for it not to sell.

    That's the sad state of the market, no-one wants old (1978) small organs. :(
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      Thank you very much Andy. As far as I know it’s in perfect condition. I will do as you say and see if I can get £25