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Allen MDS-312 / Theatre III or MDS-317 what are they selling for?

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  • Allen MDS-312 / Theatre III or MDS-317 what are they selling for?

    If one is in excellent condition, what is either selling for? Any caveats? Thanks.

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    MDS Theatre III's have been advertised from dealers (in CA) for $6900 to $7500, standard version. The Deluxe version might go for a bit more, but I haven't seen too many of those advertised. The Deluxe is just external speakers, adds a Crescendo pedal, and toe studs. The standard version can accommodate external speakers.

    No real caveats on any of these models. If the model you're considering has self contained speakers, it would be an excellent idea to make sure it has the relays installed for external speakers.

    Also, my preference of these two would be for the MDS Theatre III. The Solo manual solo strings and saxophone are wonderful, especially together with appropriate Tibias. Also, the 312 doesn't seem to have a good assortment of tuned percussions--I guess Allen intended these to be provided by MIDI devices, but I would find them essential for a Theatre organ.
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