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Im trying to get rid of an old Allen Organ

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    Im trying to get rid of an old Allen Organ

    Hey everyone. I have an old Allen Organ in my basement and I want to sell it or get rid of it somehow. The model number is 60536. The system serial number is MDC-22 RT. it is 177 volts, 60 herts and 150 watts.
    Can someone tell me first of all what those numbers mean and how much an organ like this might be worth.


    You got the model & serial numbers backwards, but the necessary information is there. Since it is 60Hz, I'm guessing you live in the US? If you are able to provide a location, perhaps someone would be interested.

    I hate to deliver bad news, but the MDC series of Allen organs were some of their cheapest models manufactured in the 1980s. They have computer limitations in what they will produce (only 10 notes at once), however, most people interested in a home organ (non-professional) would never exceed that number of notes.

    While it is only worth a few hundred or slightly higher, it would make an good learning organ for a new organ student, or a practice organ for a church organist. Please consider listing it in the Classified section here on the Forum ( Make sure to include an approximate location, and people can contact you through your ad. Another place to list it is on Barton Theatre Organs Classifieds. Just be aware that on that site, it may be up to a week before the advertisement is approved.

    Hope this helps.

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      And its condition is a big factor too. Not just cosmetics, but how well it's working. It's an Allen and that means any spare parts needed are still available - but at a price!

      However, even if it's non runner, it is still a console and that means that it's possible for someone to take a dead'un, gut it and re-equip it to drive a software based organ. These buyers know how little they have to pay for a dead console (they like to get them free!) so there's still a value, albeit less than if it were working.

      So put as much detail as possible and some photos in your classifieds.
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