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Hammond A100

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  • Hammond A100

    I have a Hammond A100 with everything but the percussion working like a charm, with the keyboard in great shape (good felt, no clicking keys when you slide up and down the keys). The percussion doesn't work at all (frowny face). It has the foot keyboard but no Leslie and no bench. It's been in a synagogue since 1963 and been played hardly at all since 2000. Is $1000 a fair price?

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    Did you decide to by the A-100? I don't know where you're located but out here in Utah the A-100s go fairly cheap. A friend, just two weeks ago picked up an A100 for $700. It is nearly perfect. One small ding in the cabinet and otherwise it is perfect (everything works). . In January I picked up an A100 (1960) that had a frozen tone generator for $300. A good oiling and five weeks of patients and now it starts like a charm. I am the second owner. It only has two small dings. Otherwise, visually it is perfect. Percussion doesn' work... Yet. Nor does the Chorus/Vibrato. With some guidance from the great folks on here I believe that those will be working in no time.

    Let us know your purchase decision and, if you're willing, what you paid for it.