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  • Leslie 44W

    I have a Leslie 44W I'd like to sell for a friend, wondering how much to ask. Located in West Chester, Pennsylvania, USA, a western suburb of Philadelphia.

    I created a kit to connect power and a line from another instrument. The amp and speakers appear to work fine. The rotors do spin when connected to the amp, but I am unable to test the amp switching at this time. I have had the amp running for 15 minutes with no issues but due to the age and lack of updates I don't want to push it much. I tested it with a Yamaha DGX-660 piano which does have some half decent organ sounds.

    The amp looks like it is stock except that I believe two resistors for amp loading were replaced. The original speaker (I believe FC) has been replaced with a PM speaker from a Leslie 700; I don't think any mods have been made otherwise. I believe the horn driver is original.

    The motors work, rotors spin. I did remove and clean the bearings for the lower rotor, and removed the upper rotor to wipe it down.

    I am capable of replacing the caps and resistors but am hoping to avoid that, but will do it if the value increases significantly. I'd consider pulling the amp for a later update and sell an amp-less cabinet if it's worthwhile.

    Advice is welcome
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