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Value for Hammond Model E with Leslie Speaker?

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  • Value for Hammond Model E with Leslie Speaker?

    I inherited a Hammond Model E with Leslie Speaker (both in excellent condition). They sound wonderful, but the truth is that I don't play organ and am unlikely to master it in my lifetime, so I am looking to move them to a new home. Given that I would like to find a buyer within the next four or five months, but would also like to sell them at their reasonable market value, what would you estimate their worth to be (either as a pair or separately)? Thank you to anyone who's able to weigh in.
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    Your location matters. Where are you?

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    • western juniper
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      I'm in central Massachusetts.

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    If the 120V wiring from the connection box to the preamp panel is original,it would be a good idea to replace before starting the organ.


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      Hmm, I've had a Model E on my want-list for a while. I'm in Portland, OR which presents some difficulties, but if you haven't sold it, shoot me a private message. Thanks!