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Unidentified Allen Theatre Organ for Free

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  • Unidentified Allen Theatre Organ for Free

    I'm somewhat new to the organ world and very new to the concept of owning an organ but I recently came across a listing that is free as long as I pick it up. Assuming it is mostly operational is it worth my trouble?

    I'd really like to practice more on an actual pedalboard but my church is a half hour bike ride away and isn't always open when I'm available. My best guess is it's a 1960's Allen Theatre Deluxe II but im not totally sure. Anyone got any better guesses?

    Also what kind of trouble is this thing going to be too move, my guess is somewhere right around 500, correct?
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    I think your guess is correct, or at least very close. Probably 3 unit ranks (tibia, string, and tuba) with some stop modifiers like "tibia becomes flute", and "string becomes diapason"; might even have "celeste strings".

    I suspect this one has Princess pedals, so probably not as good as AGO pedals would be, but OK. I suspect it has 3 separate tone cabinets. Definitely worth checking out.

    Analog Allen organs can be quite nice, especially if it has celeste strings.


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      It's a "Theatre Deluxe"... a variant of the TC-1. 2-1/2 generators (String <really an Allen diapason generator>, Flute, 44-note celeste). The "Reed" stops are synthetic, just like the TC-1. Should have 2 Gyros (+bass cabinets) but some only used one.