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What Are They Exactly; Worth Anything ?

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    What Are They Exactly; Worth Anything ?

    These are a pair of Kimball model 012 tone cabinets, that part is easy. The question is, what is inside them ? Anything worthwhile - drivers, tweeters, amps ? What year era were these made ? Tube amps in them ?

    They were hooked up to a Yamaha HS-7T. I have not exactly figured out where the signals come from ( did not take anything apart to look ), but I am thinking that the organ signals are tapped into before the power amps, and these have amps in them ? There is a switch box mounted under the keydesk with push buttons for Main, Echo, and Both. A cable goes from that box into the organ. Two cables come from the box with the multi prong connectors for each cabinet.

    And the really strange part of this setup is that the organ is in the upstairs living room, and the cables go though the floor to the cabinets that are in the basement rec room.

    Are these worth hauling home for any reason ? They are free, but I am seriously out of room here, unless there is a good reason to grab them up for salvage parts or something.

    I had no idea that Kimball ever made Tone Cabinets. Any enlightenment about these would be appreciated.
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    Regards, Larry

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    Never seen these before. There's a pot labelled 'trem' so is there perhaps a rotary speaker in there. I'll ask on a couple of the Facebook groups.
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      Well, if YOU have never seen them before, then they are rare ! Thanks for checking for me - I really do not get along well with all those Facebook groups. Facebook though, not the groups per say. I like forums much better - way more ORGANized.