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Rodgers 605 Installation

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    Rodgers 605 Installation

    I just purchased a Rodgers model 605 from a church. They are "uninstalling" it to make it ready for a move to my home. I have questions about speakers, amps, etc. (1) I did not see cable connections from the console to speaker system. How can I acquire one if it is missing? (2) There are multiple amps in the chamber, some of which may not belong to the organ. How can I know which are required? (3) Several pedals seem to stick - any ideas on how to free them?

    Many thanks for any help this novice can receive!

    The 605 has speakers in the console, so there aren't necessarily any amps or speakers elsewhere. If there are any external amps, they are clearly marked with the Rodgers name, and most likely will be connected to the console with some brown cables with 5-pin round connectors on each end.

    Organs get hooked up in peculiar ways sometimes. Someone may have removed the internal speakers and put them up in a chamber. Or they may have disconnected the internals and run some ordinary zip cord to some kind of external speakers. Or they may have rigged up some way to play the organ through the sound system. You'll just have to figure out what they did and then try to retrieve the equipment that actually belongs to the organ and not to the sound system. It may not be easy to disentangle them, if they are sharing the same chamber space.

    Sticking pedals should be a simple mechanical issue of some kind. The rubber material used for the upstops and downstops can get gooey and start to grab the pedals, making them feel sticky. If improperly set in place, the magnet ends of the pedals can drag against the contact rail, thus giving a "sticky" feel. And the springs that make the pedals return to the up position could need adjusting, if the pedals don't immediately return to the up position when you remove your foot.

    Once you figure out what is causing the problem, the solution should be obvious.
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