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Allen ADC-3100 DKT

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    Allen ADC-3100 DKT

    I have an 1986 Allen ADC-3100 DKT for sale. What is it worth? Kitchener, Ontario email: [e-mail removed per Forum policy. Michael–Moderator. Please use private message instead]
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    The selling prices of used organs from that era (mid-80's) can be all over the map. It also depends on just what comes with it. That organ requires a minimum of four full-sized Allen speaker cabinets in order to play, so if the speakers are not included, your asking price will have to be greatly reduced.

    In the past few years we've sometimes seen 3100's free for the taking, but on the other hand, not too many years ago I sold one out of my shop for several thousand dollars. However, as I always point out, organs that I sell out of my shop are (1) fully restored to like new operating condition, speaker cones rebuilt, all maintenance performed, etc., (2) delivered and set up at no extra cost, (3) professionally voiced for the location, (4) and they carry a warranty. So my selling prices include thousands of dollars worth of "extras" that one does not get when buying an organ "as is" from an individual or church just wanting it gone.

    To get some ideas, check ebay and other online sources, see what you think others are asking or getting for similar organs of similar quality (Allen is top quality) and similar age. In your favor, the 3100 is considered one of Allen's best small organs, very desirable as a home organ or for a small church.

    Assuming that you do have the original four Allen speakers to sell with it, you might hope ideally to get a couple thousand dollars, if you are willing to wait for the right buyer. If you don't have the speakers, you will be lucky to get $1000. Either way, if you need to get it out of there pretty quickly, you may have to settle for less.

    I tend to value "as-is" organs pretty low, because as a re-seller I have gone out a lot of times to look at something that I thought I'd want, only to find that it actually has problems that the seller doesn't know about, that are going to cost me a lot of money to fix before I can re-sell it. For example, the 3100 has the Allen "DM" capture action which has batteries on the board. If the batteries haven't been changed regularly over the years, they may have leaked and damaged the board, which will cost a great deal of money to replace. Damage like that can virtually reduce the value of an organ to zero.

    Also, I usually have to pay a moving company several hundred dollars to get an organ brought into the shop. And with the demand for organs pretty low these days, I can't afford to have much money tied up in one, no matter how good the model is.

    But an interested individual who is willing to deal with some minor problems might be willing to give you more for it than I would.
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      Thanks John. Very helpful. The speakers are included. I do have a couple of interested people. I’ll see what happens.



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        All the best with finding a good new home for it, Steve!
        Are the speakers all within the unit, or is that what the cables in the one picture are running to? I concede that I've been casting wistful glances toward it since I first saw it posted, but am still trying to gauge my level of interest; I'll give your earlier responders a fair and uncontested go of it first, anyway...