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Value of 900 in Rough Shape

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    Value of 900 in Rough Shape

    Hey guys,
    I'm going to look at a 900 on Sunday. I don't know much about it other than what the pictures show. Looks to be a little rough. Obviously missing all the grille cloth. I see the 6X9s are missing in the top, as well as one of the connectors for the cable coming from the bottom cab. I don't see the cord hanging from the reverb tank by the amp, so I'm guessing that is missing as well.

    He doesn't have any cables or a combo preamp. Of particular concern to me is the rust on the power supply chassis and what appears to be white mold on the cab around it. I'm assuming this has seen some significant moisture. I've never seen a metal chassis rust that bad. Do you think there could be cabinet separation issues?

    I'm figuring worst case, the amp and power supply are bad, but hopefully the drivers and motors are still okay. If so, I would need a way of controlling the motors. I already have external amps and crossovers, so I'm not worried about the audio side of things.

    At any rate, what do you guys think this would be worth as it sits? I'm guessing not a whole lot. I paid $250 for my 900U that was functional, along with a combo preamp and all necessary cables. By that logic, I'm thinking more like $150 for this guy. What are your thoughts?

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    Could be a money pit if the damp's done that to the chassis. What has it done to the speakers and running gear? Very lowball offer, I'd say.
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