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Wurlitzer orbit 3 synthesizer mod 805

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  • Wurlitzer orbit 3 synthesizer mod 805

    My aunt gave me this organ.
    This is a wulizter Organ Orbit 3.
    Is it a good musical instrument? what value could it have?

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    It looks like a model from the 70’s. It has the interesting feature that the 3rd manual is a synthesizer, and you can get a range of synth tones out of it. The other two manuals would be standard analog organ tones. It has a fairly large pedal board, which is a plus. I’m not sure what the used organ market is like in Italy, but here in Canada there isn’t much demand. If it’s working well, you might find someone willing to pay 50-100 euros, but if you post it at that price and haven’t had any interest in one month, you could try giving away free. If it’s not in good working order, the cost of repairing it would be more than it’s worth. If you hire someone to move it, the moving cost would likely be more than it’s worth as well. Points to keep in mind.


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      Good sounding organ from the mid 1970s. If it is 100% OK, with no faults at all, then it will have a value. In the UK it would be almost zero, but once you cross the Channel into continental Europe, prices go crazy - up and down! Maybe that 50 - 100 Euros would be about right. But be prepared to give it away if you need to.

      If there are faults, then the value is realistically zero. Unless you can find a buyer for parts - and there are owners of Wurlitzers who might need the Orbit III synthesizer circuit board, for example - then it could go to landfill. Very sad, but that has happened to many very good instruments.

      There is a chance that someone might buy it non-working, just for the console, keys and pedals. They would gut it and use it for driving a software-based organ. But they know just how much, or how little, to pay!

      I hope you can find a buyer!
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