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Sanyo CX3 Found in a Garage

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  • Sanyo CX3 Found in a Garage

    I've just discovered an old organ in the garage of a rental property I own. It has probably been there for decades. I'd like to know what it is and how old it is. Google isn't any help, so I thought I'd ask the experts here.

    There's a label on the back that I'll' try to attach as a photo, but will transcribe as:

    CX - 3 100V, 50-60c/s 30W
    61KAW NO. 13133 JAPAN

    It is a single keyboard with 61 keys. It is in a very square wooden case. The section over the keys opens as you'd expect, except it is very square and somewhat ugly. There's a "Tremolo" switch on the left and two pedals at the bottom that look like they belong on a piano.

    I'll try to attach some photos now...

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    I wouldn’t be surprised if it was a pump organ, many of them had pedals like you see to pump the bellows/exhausters. The cable would be for the electric blower/vacuum if this is the case. Otherwise, it could also be an electric piano, but it would be odd to find an electric piano with tremolo. As for value, probably not much. The wind system will probably need to be recovered, even if it plays, and it will probably need significant repairs and tuning. It would be a cool project for someone though! I’m guessing it is from the 60’s, but others may be more knowledgeable.


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      Yamaha and Kawai both made rather well built "air" organs, really just accordians with a fan. Perhaps Sanyp tried to grab a piece of that business. Value? not much unless someone has a yen for one of these.
      Larry K

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        sir what happen to your Sanyo cx -3..is it working...what kind of organ is it? Reed? etc


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          Looks to me like this electric piano is built on 240v too.
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