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Value of a Viscount CL-1?

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  • Value of a Viscount CL-1?

    Hi All,

    I have come across a Viscount CL-1 that is currently for sale, very similar to the one shown in the image attached.

    This is a church instrument which was produced in the 70's & early 80's. They were once a common enough sight in convents & small churches back in the day.

    More than one organist told me that Viscounts from that era were not that good even when new. I did come across the odd few churches trying to get rid of them who couldn't give them away. So thus my understanding was that this particular instrument has no value whatsoever, or am I missing something? Is a CL-1 actually worth something?

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    They weren't that great, that's for sure. I did play for a wedding once with a larger two manual Viscount from the same family. I can't say that the church sounds were inspiring but the bride had asked for 'Amazing Grace' and the organ's 'entertainment model' heritage then shone through as I cranked the Leslie speaker up to fast and we did it in a gospel style! The vicar said he'd never heard the organ sound that good and that I could have the 'Sunday morning gig' any time I liked! I politely declined. :)

    Value is as close to zero as is possible - if it's all working which would be impressive for a 40 year old Viscount!
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      Leslie Speakers - The savior of cheap organs everywhere.

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      Thanks for your reply Andy, 

      The almost non-existent value was exactly what I was thinking. The seller doesn't seem too convinced though, he's hoping to get close to half a grand for it! I suspect that they removed it from a church that didn't want it anymore & are trying to make some handy money on it. 

      The two-manual version that you say you played, was that the CL-40 with its tibia stops on the swell manual? I'm familiar with that one too (there's one available for the taking locally) but I don't recall it having a Leslie speaker, unless by that you mean that you hooked up an external one?