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What Are TC3 Parts Worth?

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  • What Are TC3 Parts Worth?

    Now that I have my MOS-1 instrument I will be unloading the TC3 stuff I've carried around. So, what's it worth?
    1. 46 SAMS - 6 have the spring and contact strip missing. I still have the stop board (I sanded it down.)
    2. Pedalboard - I pulled the contact wires out of the blocks because I was going to add reed switches (yes, in retrospect, bad idea to pull the contact wires.)
    3. Rodgers organ bench - missing foot rest
    4. 2 manuals (modified to plug into an Arduino Mega.)

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    Well I paid 100.00 for an Allen AGO pedalboard with the wire contacts and a wiring pigtail about a year or so ago. I wanted that very style of pedalboard for a retrofit job on a 100 year old pipe organ. They are very well built pedalboards, but now yours needs the contacts added to it.
    Regards, Larry

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