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    What is the value of very good condition of the lowery lx/510 organ

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    Not sure, but there are others on this forum who would know more. It is a fairly recent model, probably late 90’s, so it probably has MIDI. However, it doesn’t have a full pedal board. I saw one in Utah on ebay for $3800 US, but I think that is a bit optimistic.


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      Much less than that, I'm afraid. We were just discussing this on another group. The seller of the LX510 was asking $500 US, but I advised the potential buyer to haggle it down a little - $450 would have been good. Bigger, better and later Lowreys have sold for around that figure.

      Reasons? Many! Old organ (1998), it will probably need some attention even if it is apparently in good order. No spares available - if a major component fails, it's a boat anchor. It's big, heavy and transport costs (unless you find a buyer really close) can be a deal breaker. You're possibly looking $1000+ to ship across a couple of states.
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