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    What are the pros and cons and value or the lowery SU/500 organ

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    Pros. Has a decent spec, lots of fun things to play with, if you like a lot of automatic this and that. Big overall sound. Usually pretty reliable - it's Japanese Kawai electronics under the skin. Good user group support from the Lowrey Forum and the Lowrey Facebook group.

    Cons. Can be a bit of a pain to drive manually, with no automatics. Not the most intuitive set of menus to navigate (of little importance to many owners, who only ever use the factory set-ups, of which there are hundreds on board). Little or no spare parts available and no support from Lowrey/Kawai USA. That's where the groups come in.

    Value? A fraction of its original price. Value does depend on location, condition of the organ and local supply and demand. Also in the USA, shipping costs can be a deal breaker. A great value organ on the other side of the country is usually a poor deal overall. The Lowrey groups have an idea of values, but they're all Lowrey owners (plus one or two dealers) so their valuations can be a bit high sometimes.
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