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  • Hammond 926

    A local church in Victoria BC is selling its Hammond 926 in good working organ.
    It also includes two Leslie speakers, Model 720

    How much is the organ worth?
    Is a Model 720 a true Leslie and how much is it worth? Click image for larger version

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    It has been discussed in the past:


    The inclusion of Midi puts it in the late 80’s to sometime in the 90’s I would think. It would be an early digital instrument for Hammond, but after Allen and Rodgers had been offering digitals for years. Hammond kept offering church focused models like this until the 2000’s I recall, though I’m not sure if this particular model made it that long, perhaps others would know. Having Midi and the full AGO pedalboard is a plus, and it would be interesting to have the Hammond sounds as well. As noted though, the digital Hammond sounds (being an early emulation) aren’t as good as a tonewheel Hammond, and the pipe organ sounds weren’t as good as the competition. The 720 appears to be a real leslie with two rotors that sounds quite good, but it wouldn’t be as valuable as the ones meant to connect the the B3, etc because it takes some work to convert the pinout of the plug. In a previous organ forum post, they said they paid 300 US for a 720 in good condition in 2012. 10 years ago, one appeared to be selling for 4000 USD, but I’m not sure if they got it. It would be a good practice organ for someone, and may be very suitable for playing Hauptwerk out of the box. It might be getting old enough though that it could start being unreliable, and since it’s a different era than the current Hammonds, it may be difficult to repair.

    So I would say top price would be 400 CDN for each speaker, 2000 CDN for the organ, but you may have to come down if you don’t find anyone interested!

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      Start at 1:50: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W35g-pkwGrU

      Start at 3:20: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rB92Csy81mY

      Hammond M-102 #21000.
      Leslie 147 #F7453.
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        Thanks for the assessment of the organ. I had suggested $2,000 to $3,000 for the organ and $500 to $700 for a speaker, but after listening to the videos, I agree that $2,000 + $400 (CDN) is right on.
        A Dutch website described this as a "happy, Clappy" organ and I concur. It has pretences of also being more "classical" but the sounds are pretty awful. Not my cup of tea. MIDI is its only redeeming feature, IMHO.