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Hammond 100 Series Technical Manual FInd

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  • Hammond 100 Series Technical Manual FInd

    HI Guys

    Please refer to the attached pics, I have a Hammond Technical manual here (United kingdom). I am unable to find any online to ascertain a selling price for it.
    Do you think there would be any demand for such a document?

    Many Thanks

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    I have the same book it is quite useful. Most of the documents are available on-line which reduces demand for such an item. To the right person it still has value but not more than $50 IMHO. Nice find, I think as new tech bulletins were issued the tech, who previously owned the manual, would insert new and updated information. So, each book might be unique and more or less complete.


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      A bit of history for anyone who wants it, but there are almost no G-100 (AKA Grand 100) models left. So I'd probably go with the $50 or so. If there were a proper Hammond museum that covered all the models - not just A/B/C series - I'm sure they'd welcome it, but as most specialist museums are short on funds, I think they'd like a donation!
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        If you read each tab that is in the book, kinda like a chapter, you will see that the Tech book covers lots of different models and amplifiers that Hammond produced. The one I own has all the console and spinet tonewheel models, as well as all the tonecabs.


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          Thank you guys. I really appreciate your comments. I've posted it on eBay so hopefully someone who has a use for it will pick it up