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Allen MOS Service Manual

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  • Allen MOS Service Manual

    I noticed an Allen MOS Service Manual on the other day. Does $150 seems kinda high?

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    Depends on how much you need that detailed information. I paid $65 for mine back in 2015. My cover page is an earlier date (1977) and the tabs are different. I also have detailed tech sections for MDC organs, 100-200-300 Series and 400 Series organs including brochures. So mine is very different from that one in layout but the basic MOS-1 tech sections are the same.

    Back in 2018 I paid $275 for an ADC service manual because I could see it had tabs for the x300 series instruments. I really wanted that level of detail. I've never regretted spending that much for it.

    There is a place to make an offer on the Reverb ad so it couldn't hurt. But since these things come up so rarely on ebay I doubt it would go for less than $75.
    Larry is my name; Allen is an organ brand. Allen RMWTHEA.3 with RMI Electra-Piano; Allen 423-C+Gyro; Britson Opus OEM38; Steinway AR Duo-Art 7' grand piano, Mills Violano Virtuoso with MIDI; Hammond 9812H with roll player; Roland E-200; Mason&Hamlin AR Ampico grand piano, Allen ADC-5300-D with MIDI, Allen MADC-2110.