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Rodgers with Pipes - one time offer!

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  • Rodgers with Pipes - one time offer!

    Rodgers with Pipes available. One time offer! Next month it's going on eBay for a lot more.

    We had planned on at least $3K but are desperate for space. Now we're asking only $1200 firm.

    We have money into this; some pipe repair, so we're just trying to break even.

    Not able to provide pictures currently, but if you are REALLY serious and talk to me FIRST, we'll move things out of storage to photograph.

    This model is a 135M.

    Caveat Emptor; so in terms of full disclosure:

    It has been in clean storage for a while and it needs TLC when you get it. Keys have light spots on them that go away with a quick cleaning. Someone put red marker on some of the "pipe" tabs, I'm sure that's removable.

    The console and bench are not nice, not terrible but not nice. The exterior sides suffered some superficial damage from sun fading and water spatters that left stains. It looks good on the inside. Our plan was to refinish it, or find a similar console and just do a transplant of the innards - there are many available out there for cheap, I could direct you - rather than prettying up this console. One potential customer was going to paint it black to complement his piano.

    One pedal has a broken magnet on the end.

    The pipe ranks are a Diapason, and a Spitzflute on a separate chest that was meant to be mounted on a support. It had a small yellow bellows on the bottom acting as a winker. That was removed when we got it, and we have all the pieces. We don't have the supports.

    Nevertheless, the unit functioned fully when we did the disassembly. All cables, wind lines, etc. are included along with the reservoir and tremulant. It has a nice quiet little blower. We hooked it up in our shop and it all worked, before disassembly again.

    We are very short on space and would love to see this get a new home. We supply pipe trays for the pipes and help you load. Loading help available. Easy access. We can talk about transportation. Free if within 100 miles.

    We can be very agreeable! I’ll be happy to answer any further questions.

    Can't play an note but love all things "organ" Responsible for 2/10 Wurli pipe organ, Allen 3160(wife's), Allen LL324, Allen GW319EX, ADC4600, many others. E-organ shop to fund free organ lessons for kids.