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Hammond H111 power supply (AO-71-3) for Australian market Hammond H111

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    Want To Buy: Hammond H111 power supply (AO-71-3) for Australian market Hammond H111

    This may be a long shot, but does anyone have the Hammond H100 power supply lying around? I need one that tests "as good" to test my 1967 Hammond H-111, as I am tired of waiting for incompetent technicians trying to troubleshoot the problem with mine (dead 6.3v rail) and my country isn't exactly the best one to find any Hammond parts (I live in Australia) and our voltage isn't exactly common (240v, 50Hz) that I know of for the Hammond. So if any Aussie guys here have a H they parted out, could you sell me the H-AO-71-3 power supply from it? I don't want to pay exhorbitant shipping + original prices from South Africa or any country that uses 240v that has a high import/tax duty.
    Current Organs/Keyboards:1967 Hammond H-111, 1971 Hammond L-112, 1972 Hammond T-524

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