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'62-63 RT3 in good working condition with pedals and bench $700

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    For Sale: '62-63 RT3 in good working condition with pedals and bench $700

    In Alameda, California (Near Oakland and San Francisco)
    I have an RT3 that sounds really good but I need to make room so it has to go. Everything working. if you're not familiar with RT3, think of a C3 that is about 10 inches wider and has 32 note curved bass pedalboard (theater organ style). It also has a tube powered bass synthesizer if you want to supplement the standard tonewheel bass. I can't imagine anyone actually liking the sound of the bass synth (think early video game sounds) so I have disconnected the power cord so I'm not heating my house with all those tubes. It still has the standard B3 pedal tones but 32 of them. Also the electrolytic filter caps in the bass synth (3 if I remember) need to be replaced - it was putting out a loud hum and I just jumpered fresh caps over the old ones as a test (didn't even cut out the old ones, they're still there) and that took care of the hum. But I knew I'd never use the bass synth so I didn't solder or leave the new caps jumpered. IF you actually want to use it, all you need is three filter caps and to reconnect the power cord and you're off and running.

    The cabinet is a little rough but not bad. It's HEAVY! I can't imagine trying to ship it so hoping there might be someone in or near California that's interested enough to come and get it. It would be great in a studio or church. It's one of the better sounding C3/B3 organs I've played.